8 oz bag for $10.99
    An 8 oz bag covers about 15 square feet and is enough for at least 6 gallons of soil.

Benefits of Wool Pellets
  • Wool Pellets hold 20% their weight in water
  • By holding water they can wick away extra water, protecting your plants from over watering.
  • 100% Raw Wool
  • Wool Pellets have a Fertilizer Value of 9-0-2 NPK
  • Wool Pellets Provide fertilizer, porosity, and water wise holding ability to your plants

What are wool pellets? Wool pellets is just raw wool that comes from the bellies, tails, and heads of sheep that is waste for the rancher. Most of our wool is sent off to commercial buyers at the wool pool or is sold to hand spinners to make clothes. Most of our wool is made for your outer garments. Then there is the throw away wool that is dirty and has no value for making clothes. This is the belly waste wool. This wool is now sent off to Wild Valley Farms and Albert Wilde turns breaks the wool down and turns them into wool pellets.

Wool generally works as an insulator. You can find that the U.S military uniforms were wearing wool-based uniforms. Wool has the ability to wicken moisture from your body helping you keep cool in the summer but it also helps keep you warm in the winter. Because wool wickens moisture it works great for plants. The wool pellets are able to hold 20% their weight in water helping to reducte the times you water.