Natural Colored Fleece

  • Average Staple Length: 70mm
  • Average Micron: 26.6
  • SD: 4.8
  • CV: 18.1
  • CF%: 80.4

Columbia White Fleece

  • Average Staple Length: 70mm
  • Average Micron: 23.4
  • SD: 4.5
  • CV: 19
  • CF%: 93
We raise both Natural Colored Columbia's and White fleece Columbia's. Both types of fleece are for sale. This year (2018-2019) we have two charcoal colored fleeces, one silver grey, and two true black fleece for sale. The silver fleece belongs to our ram named Leroy. Leroy has had his fleece take first in its class at National Western Stockshow and third in the Grand Champion Drive in January of 2018. The charcoaled colored fleece belongs to our ewe 15-03, who had a fleece take first in its class at the Estes Wool Market show this pass show. This year we had 6 colored lambs which will make for 14 fleeces next shearing in 2019. If you would like to reserve a specific sheep's fleece please email me at and in the subject title it fleece.


Leroy has a 4 inch staple length. He is a Columbia cross with some Mereno. Leroy is old now and is a silver grey color. His fleece has been skirted and is clean. He has a mixture of 3 grey colors throughout his fleece with just a few strands of black fibers. I took several photos for you to get an idea of what his fleece looks like with a variety of greys. It has a light grey, medium grey, and dark grey. The first two photos show a true grey card for you to see what the grey compares to.

$15 per pound. The clean fleece weighs 5 lbs.
$5 per pound for dirty wool mixed with second cuts.

Awards Leroy has WON with his FLEECE!

  • National Western Stock Show: Colored Handspinning Fleeces Grand Champion
  • Wyoming State Fair: Reserve Champion Best Spinning Fleece of Show
  • Wyoming State Fair: Reserve Champion Natural Colored Fleece Show


    Ewe 15-03/01188



    Ewe 15-04/01185



    Ewe 16-03



    Ewe 13-03/01179



    Ewe Lamb/0130






    Ewe Lamb/0135



    Ewe Lamb/0130



    Ram Lamb/0143



    Ewe Lamb/0144



    Ewe Lamb/May



    Ole (paint lamb)