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Wool Pellets for sale

NutriWool Pellets are made from 100 % AMERICAN RAW WASTE WOOL and provide fertilizer, porosity, and water wise holding ability to your plants.  

Wool Pellets when added to your soil will provide nutrition to feed your plants to help your plants looking their best.  NutriWool Pellets will also reduce the amount of times you need to water your plants.  Wool Pellets can reduce water needs by 25%, saving you time and effort.

​Wool is sheared from our sheep (and other ranchers’ sheep) each spring.  
The main fleece of the wool is sold to make clothes, but the belly wool
and the “tags” (wool from around the back end of the sheep)
is what we use to make Wild Valley Farms NutriWool Pellets.  

Wool Pellets have a FERTILIZER VALUE OF 9-0-2 NPK.

An 8 oz bag will cover about 15 square feet and is enough for at least 6 gallons of soil if used as directed. 

Email Tanya at tanyahamner@yahoo.com to purchase product.

1 oz Sample bags: $2.00                      8 oz bags:  $10.99 + shipping