Wool for Sale


To purchase a fleece please email Tanya at tanya.hamner@yahoo.com or call her at 307-679-8749. We do ship fleeces.

Natural Colored Columbia X Fleece

  1. Average Staple Length: 70mm
  2. Average Micron: 26.6
  3. SD: 4.8
  4. CV: 18.1
  5. CF%: 80.4

White Columbia Fleece

  1. Average Staple Length: 70mm
  2. Average Micron: 23.4
  3. SD: 4.5
  4. CV: 19
  5. CF%: 93
We raise both Natural Colored Columbia’s and White fleece Columbia’s. Both types of fleece are for sale. This year (2018-2019) we have two charcoal colored fleeces, one silver grey, and two true black fleece for sale. The silver fleece belongs to our ram named Leroy. Leroy has had his fleece take first in its class at National Western Stockshow and third in the Grand Champion Drive in January of 2018. The charcoaled colored fleece belongs to our ewe 15-03, who had a fleece take first in its class at the Estes Wool Market show this pass show. This year we had 6 colored lambs which will make for 14 fleeces next shearing in 2019. If you would like to reserve a specific sheep’s fleece please email me at hamnerlivestock.com and in the subject title it fleece.


Leroy is the start to the natural colored sheep for Hamner Livestock. His children, grand children, and great children have won numerous awards from their fleece. Leroy earned his stay at our ranch and has many children who have won wool shows with their fleece and have won sheep shows. He passed away, leaving some amazing bloodlines for our flock.  I kept his last fleece for myself to have something made out of it.  He has helped our ranch in so many ways. 


Ole is one of Leroy’s sons that we kept as a breeding buck. He is a different style of paint. He has white mixed in a little bit, but has black and brown mixed throughout his fleece. He won Supreme Championship buck in the Natural Fibers Category. He produces about 4 – 5 inch staple length and 13 pounds of fleece.  

  • Ewe 15-03/01188
  • Ewe 15-04/01185
  • Ewe 16-03
  • Ewe 13-03/01179
  • Ewe Lamb/0130
  • Bodacious/0127
  • Ewe Lamb/0135
  • Ewe Lamb/0130
  • Ram Lamb/0143
  • Ewe Lamb/0144
  • Ewe Lamb/May
  • Ole (paint lamb)