FOR MORE THAN 25 YEARS, Hamner Livestock has produced quality Columbia sheep in Wyoming


AT HAMNER LIVESTOCK RANCH, we believe that success comes in many forms, both in the show ring and in the pasture. The foundation for successful offspring begins with strong genetics, and we are proud to have some of the highest quality ewes in wool genetics in the country. Our bloodlines include Rice, Woolstenhulme, Platte’s, and Robertsons. Our program produces lambs that are specifically bred to have successful qualities that our customers can appreciate.

Breeding Rams

Breeding Stock

We sell replacement breed stock. Purchase your next set of ewe lambs, breeding rams, and show lambs from our flock. Click here to view stock for sell.

Fleeces for Sale

We raise both Natural Colored Columbia’s and White fleece Columbia’s. Color ranges from black, silver, charcoal, and brown. These fleeces have won at different fairs including National Stock Show. The average Micron is 26.6 and staple length ranges from 3 inches to 5 inches.

Lamb Recipes

Learn what the Hamner’s favoirte recipes are that we use on our own lamb meat.

Buy your Whole Lamb

We sell all natural lamb. Our lambs are fed on Grass Hay and Walton’s Co-Op Grain mix. Prices determine on the year from weather and feed cost. No stimulants or Growth Hormones are added to the lambs. Product is minimally processed, does not contain any artificial ingredients or any preservatives.


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